wellswachoManaging the blogging function in an organization can be especially difficult because many companies are unsure of which department it should reside in.  Whether it be the corporate communications department, marketing, advertising, etc. it often largely depends on how a particular company works internally.  Different strategies work for different businesses, but there are some particular general guidelines that can maximize the blogging efficiency and outcome when it comes to interactivity, transparency and authenticity.  An important step in achieving this is determining who in the company is best suited for answering consumer questions.  Basically, an underlying guideline is to ensure the bloggers are subject matter experts because nobody wants to hear feedback from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Matters of blog management can sometimes become even more complicated in scenarios where companies are merging, as many seem to be during this time of economic recession.  This is what Wells Fargo is currently undergoing with their recent acquisition of Wachovia Bank and can sometimes be tricky to overcome from an organizational perspective.  Wells Fargo wanted to make sure their new Wachovia customers were familiarized with their bank and vice versa to ensure consumer confidence and comfort so they created a dual blog to spark dialogue and answer any questions.

The next question was who would manage the blog.  Wells Fargo decided to use a four-person social-media team devoted to blogging and other social networks.  To smooth the integration two individuals (one from each bank) moderated the blog offering different perspectives from each respective bank.  This choice to offer a dual perspective again increased consumer confidence and comfort and was a great way to ease both stakeholders into what might normally be a money-minded, nerve racking experience.  In times when posts require special expertise one of the two moderators will write the introduction to maintain continuity.  Little details like this are what make good blogs great.  Wells Fargo and Wachovia created a dedicated well thought out corporate blog with the right, qualified people answering consumer questions.