When talking about corporate blogging inevitably the topic turns to discussing whether or not the CEO of the company should participate.   There are varied views on the issue throughout the social media world, but I believe we can all agree that if it’s done it should be professional and proper to the work environment, facilitating discussions and questions on professional corporate issues.  This was the case with Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO of the Dow Chemical Company.  He decided to start a corporate internal blog for his global 46,000 employees spread throughout five continents so this was no small feat.

It is important to remember that when dealing with numbers like this precautions need to be taken because you are not dealing with a homogenous group of individuals.  In this case age varies as well as cultural and ethnic backgrounds which can sometimes become sticky situations if not properly handled.  For Andrew Liveris to overcome these obstacles Dow’s global employee communications team and Insidedge, Dow’s employee communications agency partner, teamed up to prep him about the possible pitfalls of the blogosphere.  One of the first things they told Liveris was that this wasn’t a decision to be quickly made because for blogs to be efficient they need to be updated on a consistent basis for the long run.  In this case it was decided that one post be made for every ten days minimum, so setting standards like this before one even begins to blog can be the difference between success and failure.

When it comes to the management function of the actual blog, Liveris writes all his own posts with minimal editing.  This is an important criteria for the employee base because there is nothing more inauthentic than finding out that a CEO’s corporate blog is hardly written by him or her.   Although there are individuals in the legal department that do review the posts I believe this to be a smart move rather than inauthentic because its sole purpose is to make sure that what is written won’t jeopardize the company or its legal standing in any such ways.  To round things up, having the CEO run their own internal blog can be a great tool for employee communications but it must be done professionally and that’s why outside help (Insidege) can often be beneficial when it comes to blog management.  See you all soon.