Many times corporations are skeptical about starting a blog or venturing out from the normal static “guidelines” of a blog to really make an impression on their customers.  Their blog is either boring, stale, written by passionless people, or outright non-existent.  But there are leading professionals in the industry that can help you to stimulate your audience by finding just what it is or maybe more importantly who it is that should be writing your corporate blog.  In fact writer  Michael Sebastian has done just that and outlined 10 Lessons for a Better Blog, which by no means are the standard criteria you might have become used to seeing on these types of lists.

Pay special attention to Lesson #2: Your blog should ooze voice and #3: Feature Passionate Employees.  Now in previous posts we have alluded to blog authorship being managed by specialized individuals who can properly answer consumer questions and by all means this still holds true, but the fact of the matter is this isn’t all you audience wants.  Although expertise is critical for a authentic blog experience it can also be heightened by writers who are incredibly passionate about the said company, which ultimately becomes contagious to the readers who in turn become passionate about the company, which is why we’re all creating a blog in the first place.  If you can get the audience to become passionate then you are creating better brand awareness and loyalty with dedicated customers who see your company/product as personal and worth buying/investing in to.

Key ideas of today’s post:

Convey frontline employee personalities on blog if they’re humorous and personable.  This adds credibility, transparency and authenticity.

Have passionate employees contribute to the blog.  Excitement is contagious.

See you all soon!