Who is David?

David Rosenberg was a Corporate Communications Major in the Media Arts and Design program at the James Madison University institution.  He is interested in pursuing a career in public relations, advertising, promotions, understanding that in this day and age those fields are converging so it’s best to have as many talents working for you as possible.  This is why he’s committed to acquiring knowledge in every aspect of the industry so that he can be as dynamic an employee as the business of communications is today.



Objective: To master the skills necessary to be able to perform on a level of collaboration and creativity that will not only earn a company a fine well-respected brand reputation, but also foster a community where thoughts and ideas are expressed openly to maximize innovation and ingenuity.

Email: thedaverosenberg [at] gmail [dot] com

Blog: Check out my blog which focuses on the management and organization of corporate blogs.

Corporate Communication Abilities and Experience:

  • Worked in teams to develop campaigns for a variety of businesses
  • Proficient in design programs including the Adobe series of Photoshop, InDesign as well as Illustrator
  • Experience with web design program Dreamweaver as well as basic HTML code
  • Developed advertising campaign (Final Friendly City Food Co-op Report) for local upcoming business

FCFC Power Point Presentation

Interview with corporate communicator David Rosenberg:

The podcast interviews corporate communicator David Rosenberg concerning his thoughts on how to effectively utilize blogs through proper organization and management.