goodwill_logo2So our company focus for this week is going to concern a type of company we have yet to cover on this  blog and that is the non-profit organization of Goodwill.  Initially many might find that blogs for a non-profit organization wouldn’t really accomplish much, but for the case of Goodwill it has generated a considerable amount of success.  The blog focuses primarily on fashion and fashion trends, which is something that many might not have originally thought would be their main theme, but that’s exactly one of the reasons it has become such a hit.

Em Hall is the retail marketing manager for Goodwill in the DC area and she has been the driving force of the Goodwill’s blog success.  She is basically a one-woman team who moderates and manages the blog.  She considers herself the “Goodwill DC Fashionista” because she primarily focuses on the fashion aspect that the Goodwill stores can provide to their eclectic variety of customers.  Hall summarized their mission as providing information on vintage and contemporary fashions in shopping trends.  The mission statement was the essential characteristic behind the blog because it set up the context for what all the posts would be about.  This is one of the greatest challenges of having a successful blog, but once refined, having a solid theme is what sets apart the long lasting blogs from the hit and miss ones.  As a blog manager, creating an overall theme should be one, if not the, top priority before the blog even takes off.  Because Hall was able to focus on Goodwill, not as a discounted clothing store, but as a way for individuals to create and model up and coming fashions, she was able to turn the conversation into a different direction, one in which people were interested in sharing stories and ideas, though the blog.

Hall regards the blog as a product of Goodwill and because of this she set out an organized schedule of when to post, that being Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  When organizing and managing a blog, it is so important to set out guidelines and achievable goals to reach in order to keep on schedule.  It is one of the foundations of a good blog and soon becomes a necessity when times get tough on thinking about a topic to write about.  All in all, the Goodwill blog has become one of the most surpring successes in the blogosphere so check it out and see what you think.  Hope to see you all soon.