sonyMany people know and have heard of the electornics company Sony, but few comparatively know exactly how Sony has been getting their message out, at least in the past 18 months.  Prior to this year and a half period, Sony relied mostly on advertising and press releases to get their message out to consumers.  Now in the world of social media we know that this cannot be the only avenues for communication in this day in age.  With the continual rise of the Internet companies must operate on a more interactive level, not the traditional one-way communication streets that have previously be taken.  This is where the Sony Electronics Blog comes in to play.  In previous posts we have exained the question on whether or not CEO’s should blog and we did agree that it does add a level of authenticity to the brand, but in Sony’s case this simply wasn’t the answer.  Yea it would be great if the CEO blogged competently, interestingly and frequently, but the truth is that CEO’s don’t always have these interpersonal skills and quite frankly the time to commit to such an act.

In the article Sony blog improves public relations,  Andy Sernovitz, CEO of GasPedal and head of the Chicago-based Blog Council, was quoted saying, “I don’t actually think most CEOs should blog. Companies should blog, but there’s no reason to think that the CEO is the right person.  The person who blogs should be a person who has the time to do it right. More important, they should have a passion for the company, its products, and its customers. I’d rather have a passionate blog from the janitor than a weak effort from a busy CEO.”

I could not have put it any better.  This pretty much sums up the last post about the importance of passion I  made on this blog.  You need commitment and passion and of course the knowledge, but with these three attributes in place I think any blog has the potential to reach their customers on an intellectually stimulating level as well as personal.

This is why Sony handed over the efforts to an 18-year veteran who has a wide-ranging relationship with all the different sectors of company, which will be vital when needing their help and input when it comes to consumer questions and site content.  The man Clancy is certainly not the CEO, but he is better suited to run this type of operation.  If an individual inside the company can communicate internally then it makes sense that they’d be the best to communicate to the public externally.  Hope you enjoyed the post.  See you all soon!