usa_today_logoIn this week our company focus we’ll be looking at how one paper is coping with decreased sales in a time where many are predicting the fall of print newspapers. USA Today has taken advantage of the digital age by utilizing blogs to reach consumers in a niche market. Notice that I said blogs not blog, for USA Today has a variety that covers topics anywhere from politics and current events to airline travel and golfing. They even have an “Idol Chatter” blog where they discuss the recent developments on American Idol, so they have literally taken the idea of targeting a niche market to the top degree.

What’s great about the way USA Today utilizes the social medium of blogging is the ease of availability and user friendliness. The user, who in many cases might not be considered as adept to using these tools as many of the younger generation take for granted, has the ability to access the various blogs in a fairly straightforward and simple way.  The Today’s online managing editor, Chet Czarniak, believes the blogs serve three purposes the print medium couldn’t convey.  Chet knows blogs will allow readers to 1) delve deeper into the stories 2) stay on top of breaking news (previously not possible with print) and 3) engage and interact in new and exciting ways not only with the writers, but with other readers.

Hopefully other newspapers will soon get the hint that they to have a more interactive marketing approach when it comes to reaching their publics.  USA Today is helping to set the standard for one newspapers will look like in the future, which are places where readers and writers will be able to develop relationships that will ultimately lead to more personable accounts of issues and stories that may very well affect all of us.

To see a full list and description of their blogs check out the article from Ragan Communications on “How to pitch USA Today’s bloggers.” Hope the article was of interest.  See you all soon!